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Dancers and Performers please note that use of these photos is permitted for your own personal use!
IF you do, photo credit with a link to this side are most appreciated (e.g. photo: www.dunlin.ca)

If you find a photo posted that you would like removed from a gallery just let me
know and I will take it off-line ASAP (email me the file number shown below the image)

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If you find a photo that you like to get for your own personal use in higher resolution and without the watermark (to get a print made or such) send me an email (ulli@dunlin.ca) with the file number you see below or above the image and I will send you a file without watermark and a resolution suitable for a making prints up to 8x10 or 8x12 .


Mawita'jik Dartmouth on June 22, 2019



Pow Wow Halifax, October 11, 2014



Pow Wow Halifax, July 1, 2011