About myself:

Ulli Hoeger (that's me)

Located in Nova Scotia, Canada for almost two decades photography has become one of my favorite ways to spend free time.

I started out as a birder taking photographs of birds and over time I found myself putting more and more time and effort into photographing them.

For some time now I am interested in sports and action photography.  The Barrel Racing and Pole Bending Western Riders of the MBRA offer plenty of both during their exhibition and jackpot races.

During some of the agricultural exhibition I had the opportunity to see and photograph Heavy Draft Horses at work. Just started to look a bit more into this window to our past, a time when horse power came on four legs.

And then there are our relatives, the ones we parted way with over 5 million years ago. One of the Must-Do-Visits when traveling to Germany.

Please note and respect that my images are copyrighted and that it is not OK to use them without permission! Please contact me for information on how to obtain permission to use my images.


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